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My husband and I completed a year of adventurous travel around Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar), South Asia (India and Nepal), Mauritius, and East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, and Zanzibar).  It is among my most important life experiences.

The friendly ladies on this ferry to Bilu Island, Myanmar invite me to sit with them and hold their baby.

Two sweet girls stop by to say hello after their morning chore of drawing water from beautiful Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda.

In the early nineties, my mom owned a video store and as a result I am stuck with an encyclopedic knowledge of all the mainstream movies made during that dark period of cinema; in the late nineties, I distracted myself from my teenage boredom with suburban Orange County by checking out all the classic/art house videos available at my public library; and in college, I scored a work-study job at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive where for four years I immersed myself in film-related media, worked with like-minded movie lovers, and watched thoughtfully curated film programs at the BAM/PFA Theater (and the now retired Landmark UC Theater and the Fine Arts Cinema).

Three weird facts

I've yet to meet a person worse with directions than me. 


My husband gave me bicycle riding lessons in Cambodia, Laos, and Nepal.  By my last lesson, I biked about 100 yards on my own.


I used up my 15 minutes of fame during a brief stint as a baby model in Korea.

A pair of amused Laotion ladies.

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