Awards and Honors

Shoda, Y., Wilson, N., Whitsett, D., Lee, J.J.Y., & Zayas, V. (in press). The Person as a Cognitive-Affective Processing System: From Quantitative Idiography to Cumulative Science. In Cooper, M.L. & Larsen, R.J. (Eds.), The Handbook of Personality Processes and Individual Differences. APA.


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Lee, J.J., Wang, J.H., & Shoda, Y. (2007, January). I feel bad about my self when...: Identifying intraindividual relationships between self-evaluation and situational features. Poster presented at the 8th Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP), Memphis, TN.


Lee, J.J., & Shoda, Y. (2006, January). Individual Differences in Emotional Ambivalence in Response to Acquaintance Sexual Aggression Scenarios. Poster presented at the 7th Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP), Palm Springs, CA.


Lee, J.J., Zayas, V., & Shoda, Y. (2005, January). Unconscious Processing of Facial Information. Poster presented at the 6th Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP), New Orleans, LA.

Palo Alto Research Center Sustainability Fellowship, Short-Listed Candidate

2008, PARC

I submitted two proposals describing projects to assess sustainability behavior and attitude profiles and to use them as part of a targeted approach to change behavior.  Though neither projects were selected for fellowship, a research scientist at PARC nominated me to work under his supervision.


Department of Psychology Excellence in Teaching Award, Recipient

2006, University of Washington

Awarded due to a strong history of teaching evaluations from students and positive feedback from the instructors I worked with.


Distinguished Teaching Award, Nominee

2009 & 2006, University of Washington

I was twice nominated for a prestigious university-wide teaching award.


National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, Honorable Mention

2003, NSF

The NSF awarded an honorable mention to my grant proposal describing a three year project involving the modeling of how we "get the gist" of others.


Warner Brown Memorial Prize, U.C. Berkeley, Recipient

2002, University of California at Berkeley

This award is given to two graduating seniors in the Department of Psychology for demonstrating "outstanding promise in psychological research".


Highest Honors in Psychology

2002, University of California at Berkeley

My undergraduate thesis on the topic of unconscious learning was awarded highest honors after review by two faculty members from the Department of Psychology.

Jenna Lee